Invenio - People and Expert Directory

People and Expertise Search Centre

It can be hard to find the right information at the right time. Finding the right people is even harder.

Invenio is the Expert Directory driven by your existing identity data, providing search capability across your organisation’s people and their collective knowledge, skills and experience.

Invenio empowers your enterprise to:

  • Connect your people, and their content, and improve business productivity
  • Break down silos and facilitate collaboration within your organisation
  • Avoid costly mistakes by leveraging your organisation’s collective knowledge

Rich user profiling

By automatically drawing information from a wide range of existing identity data repositories, Invenio creates a rich profile for each user.

Powerful search

Users can search for people based on fundamental factors like name, location and job title, and more advanced factors like skills, qualifications and experience, through a friendly, intuitive and powerful expert directory.

Advanced filtering

Powered by the Soundex algorithm, Invenio implements advanced filtering to assist users in finding the best results. Search results are ranked according to a bespoke algorithm based on your business rules.

Productive self service

Invenio enables users to maintain and update their individual profiles via a self-service portal on your intranet, increasing your overall business productivity.