The decision making tool

Your business shouldn’t waste marketing resources on campaigns that are hit or miss.

Instead, you need to plan and track marketing efforts so you can respond to what works and what doesn’t.

Smartex is our intelligent solution that utilises industry-leading Oracle software to provide your business with key information to guide decision making regarding your marketing and sales investments.

Real-Time Decision Making

Improve your business responsiveness with optimised and personalised customer interaction flows. Smartex utilises Oracle Real-Time Decisions (RTD) which provides a powerful decision framework and self-learning predictive analytics, to give your entire organisation the agility to instantly understand your customers.

Web Experience Control

Through Oracle WebCenter, Smartex provides businesses with an entire suite of web experience management capabilities. The platform enables enterprises to:

  • Quickly create, deploy, target, and measure multi-channel online marketing
  • Deliver relevant, optimized, and content-rich contextual Web experiences
  • Extend brand engagement and Web presence to mobile and social channels